Dr. Georgios Sbokos

Dikigoros (Greek Advocate)

Practice areas:

    European and Greek Environmental Law
    Waste Management Law
    Environmental Licenses and Permits
    Administrative Law


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    F +30 210 3239801
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Mr. Georgios Sbokos is a graduate of the Law Faculty of the University of Cologne/ Germany (Universität zu Köln) and has a PhD from the University of Athens. He is legal counsel of the Austrian Embassy in Athens and practices law in Greece since 2003. He studied law initially at the University of Marburg (Phillips Universität Marburg) and the University of Cologne (Albertus- Magnus-Universität zu Köln), from where he graduated. He completed successfully post graduate studies in the field of European Environmental Law at the University of Koblenz-landau/ Germany and subsequently obtained the title of Dr. juris from the National Kapodestrean University of Athens. He specializes as a legal advisor in the field of European and Greek Environmental Law.