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Commerce and Distribution Networks

Despite the ongoing economic crisis, the total value of Greek exports in 2011 accounted for 10.44% of the country’s GDP, which marks an increase of 38% relative to the previous year. This growth of exports is mainly due to the improved competitiveness of Greek products, the prices of which have fallen, as well as to an increasingly outward-looking approach on the part of Greek enterprises, as they search for new markets to sell their products.

In contrast, the country’s imports declined relative to 2010, but this decrease was not sizeable (€43,272 million in 2011, against €47,721 million in 2010).

Greece’s main trading partners for imports and exports are Germany, Russia, Italy, China, France and Netherlands, followed by Turkey, Cyprus and Bulgaria.

Against this background, our law firm in cooperation with its network of partners has advised dozens of Greek and foreign companies that are active in Greece, particularly in the following matters:

  • Agency agreements
  • Commercial distribution contracts
  • Franchise agreements
  • Sales networks
  • Out-of-court and judicial settlement of disputes
  • International sales contracts