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Tourism is one of our firm’s most important areas of legal practice.

Last year, the tourism sector contributed 18% to the country’s GDP, whilst providing 900,000 jobs. The number of tourists visiting Greece has steadily increased during the past decade. From 14.2 million in 2004, the number of arrivals had risen to 17 million in 2008, with realistic expectations that this figure will reach 20 million in the coming years.

At the present time, some 9,000 hotel enterprises are operating in Greece. Most are 1 and 2 star tourist accommodations or hotels. Large, household name hotels make up 4% of enterprises in the sector, accounting for 19% of overnight stays.

These figures alone reveal the enormous potential for the further growth of Greek tourism. In the years ahead, Greece will continue to be one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the world, mainly thanks to its Mediterranean climate, historical monuments and natural beauty.

The tourism sector is also set to achieve economic growth. The Greek government is constantly striving to modernize and optimize the operation of the country’s tourism infrastructure with the aim of attracting more visitors and offering higher standard services.

Our law firm, whose list of clients includes many companies that are active in tourism at a global level, provides a range of services relating to:

  • Contracts for the operation of tourism facilities
  • Contracts for the provision of tourism services
  • Long-term leasing contracts
  • Out-of-court and judicial settlement of disputes arising from the above contracts